Announcements: 2/2/17

Students: The sophomore class will be selling suckers at lunch today. Buy them for yourself or send one to a friend for Valentine’s Day. We will deliver on Valentine’s Day. Price is 1 for $1.00. Message MUST be appropriate and a full name to deliver it. Support your sophomore Class. Sophomore sign-up sheet will be in Mr. Reed’s room.

Leo’s Club: There will be a Leo’s club meeting today at lunch in Mr. Kolobakken’s room.

Seniors:  If you took American Government first semester and are interested in the dual enrollment opportunity through DCC, please stop and see Mrs. Hoffer.  Thanks.

Students: Please do not park in the faculty and visitor parking spaces in the school parking lots.  Please limit yourselves to student parking only. Thank you.

LIBRARY FINES: Please check with the library for any fines that is past semester. It is your responsibility to get these paid by FRIDAY Feb. 3rd or you will have lunch detention until it is paid. YOU ONLY HAVE ONE MORE WEEK TO GET THIS DONE. IF YOU RECEIVED A SLIP OF PAPER WITH LIBRARY ON IT YOU NEED TO GO SPEAK WITH MR. JACOBSEN.

2017 Devil Contest: If you are interested in competing for the title of Mr. or Ms. Devil, there are sign-up sheets in the office. You can only sign-up until FRIDAY FEB.. 3rd. So if you are interested you need to make sure you get to the office during passing time. The sign-up sheets are now available!

Sign up for the Devil Contest has been extended until 8:15am Friday morning.  We currently only have one contestant signed up Miss Devil.  Please stop by the office if you are interested in participating.

   Lunch for today: Pizza Hot Pocket with lettuce, fruit, veggie & milk or Salad Bar.


Students: you can purchase your very own pair of DCHS flip flops in the Principal’s office from now until they are gone! They are $17.00 per pair!!! Get your today!!!

Written by Wade Murphy